Applications of IoT in Building a Smart World

Applications of IoT in Building a Smart World
Applications of IoT in Building a Smart World

IoT (Internet of things) is the network that connects devices and objects through sensors and internet connectivity to exchange data. The application of IOTs is limitless and offer major benefits to people and organizations.

IOTs can deliver services to a wide arena of operations. The stride of connectivity is going beyond just laptops and smartphones. IOTs allow objects to access or control remotely. The concept of IOTs came into existence since 1999.

  • The application of IOTs is driving the globe towards a smarter planet by seamlessly connecting everything through the internet. IOTs minimize the gap between the physical and the digital world to improve the quality of life, society, and the workforce.
  • The quality of human life is going to witness a drastic transformation in the next few years due to the implementation of this technological bliss.
  • The utilization of IOTs has simplified every sphere of human lifestyle. Let’s find out how IOTs have made an impact on the regular style of living of humans.

Smart home

The concept of a smart home is itself quite intriguing. The smart home has become a revolutionary residential choice for smart and tech-savvy people. The increasing popularity of smart homes is due to its smart features like the house owner can operate his/ her home appliances even if they are away from home.


Wearable devices are another technological bliss of the IOTs. Giant companies like Google and Samsung are investing more in developing wearable devices. These devices are equipped with sensors and software, which when worn by the wearer will fetch data and information of the users. These devices provide vital data to the users like the health report, fitness, and entertainment purpose. Smartwatches, fitness bands are examples of such wearables.

Smart cities

Who would not want to reside in a smart city that offers a simplified and smart lifestyle to the inhabitants? IOTs is enabled to solve major problems faced by the people living in cities like pollution, traffic, and offers smart surveillance, smart energy management, water distribution, and many such smart urban services.


Farming is an important sector that requires technological advancements and assistance to increase better yielding of crops. Such a smart application is the soil sensors that alert the farmers about the condition of the soil like its level of acidity to ensure a better farming experience.

The above-mentioned applications of the IOTs are just a few to mention, the utilization of IOTs is scattered to a broad horizon which is aiming towards a planet where artificial intelligence will take over human intervention in near future.

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