Best Shopping Apps in India

Best shopping apps India
Best shopping apps India

In this article we will discuss the best shopping apps in India, Shopping has now become a hobby rather than a necessity for most people because of its accessibility. Feeling low? Had a breakup? Bored of the monotonous lifestyle? – The answer to all these questions in the 20 th century is shopping.

Earlier it was customers seeking the producers via physical contact. And now just lazing around our couch we have a thousand brands in our footsteps. Online shopping started booming around 2016 where slowly it crept its way to our daily life.

Online stores and e-commerce allow consumers to get their desired product without standing in long ques or lighting heavy bags, moreover, the competition is cut-throat. Price-comparison websites make it easy to hunt and help guide consumers to online stores with the best deals by posting reviews posted by other consumers.

Best Shopping Apps in India 2020

There are a few apps that have stood strong and never failed to meet customer expectations. Along with their excellent service, they have adapted to the needs of the Indian market and grown accordingly. Here are a few best shopping apps in India.


Best shopping apps Amazon
Best shopping apps Amazon

It is currently the biggest e-commerce portal in the world and one of the best shopping apps in India, a globally renowned app. The world’s largest online store comes to you to offer products from Indian and international retailers ranging from household items, books, clothing, footwear, beauty products to food products, and gourmet products that cater to all your needs.

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The user can find amazing cashback and discounts along with experiencing “amazon sale”, They have their wallet called the amazon wallet which helps you shop better with mouthwatering discounts.

  • It is available in IOs and plays store.

(I don’t remember not finding an item on amazon)


Best shopping apps Flipkart
Best shopping apps Flipkart

If you don’t want to go for amazon then Flipkart should be your go-to. The worldwide second most preferred eCommerce store making it the second-best shopping apps in India. Flipkart was rolled around 2007 by Sachin and Binny Bansal. In 2016 was when it got its first boom with revenue of 15128 cr. 

Flipkart has taken over the clothing and the sale of electronics and phones beating amazon in this niche. 

You might find a discount on certain goods that you don’t find on amazon which makes it a worthy option for you to try. It has a wide range including almost every category and playing strategic business moves that are partnering exclusively with brands to increase their sales.

  • It is available on IOs and Play store with fifty million downloads.

Paytm Mall

Best shopping apps india Paytm mall
Best shopping apps India Paytm mall

“Paytm Karo”, many of us are so well equipped with this phase which started the trend of paying throw your phones in 2010 by Vijay Shekar Sharma. Especially after demonetization it has grown rapidly further increased its reach to not just pay for recharges but also book a plane ticket, order food, pay at a restaurant, online recharge for DTH, pay for groceries, the list is never-ending.

Paytm has created its e-mall which has boomed rapidly, where people can easily pay through their Paytm wallets and not only that, the offers of getting cash-backs keep luring the customers to shop more at a lesser price, this is the reason Paytm stood at top 3 best apps to shop online in India

Snap Deal

Best shopping apps in india snapdeal
Best shopping apps in India snapdeal

Ever wanted to buy bulk products? Snap deal is your got app to serve you with your desired product at bulk at a quite reasonable price. Kunal Bahl and Rohit Bansal founded a snap deal in February 2010. You would be shocked to know their diversity in products counts up to eight hundred plus categories with over 300000 sellers selling 35 million products.


Best shopping apps in India Naaptol
Best shopping apps in India Naaptol

This is no secret, all the Indian households have seen their advertisement either on television or the internet. It has always kept its best foot forward in the market selling a wide range of electronics to make your lifestyle much more enhanced.

 Naaptol is a low-cost online shopping center. It has attractive deals and offerings for its customers and distributes products throughout India. Its website has a variety of things, from kitchen accessories to durable products.

  • Available on both Android and IoS.


Best shopping apps in india Homeshop18
Best shopping apps in India Homeshop18

An on-air shopping channel under the Network 18 Group division of Reliance Industries. The Home Store 18 takes care of all the needs of your home and the people who live in it the product ranges from clothing, jewelry, electronics, home décor, you name it you get it.

Its Gold membership option offers additional discounts and benefits to customers. The website also has special free delivery dates that are better served at lower prices. You can also find great deals at this mall.

Why choose online shopping on every day of your life?

  • You can shop in your pajamas
  • Your convenience is your comfort
  • No standing in ques and the havocking crowd.
  • Your variety of products never lets you settle.
  • If these options are not enough then go check for yourself.


So these are the best shopping apps in India where you can utilize their great offers and huge discounts while shopping online, so what are waiting for? Grab your phone and shop online. I hope you guys liked the article spread Love by sharing the article.

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