How to tell if your computer is Infected with malware

How to tell if your computer is Infected with malware
How to tell if your computer is Infected with malware

Not always we can use the official and legit websites right, sometimes we may need to use websites that are not legit and not secure. Let’s say you need to download software that is very high cost and you cannot purchase it so instead you can go to any cracking software downloading websites and download.

What happens when you do it is your computer gets infected with malware or spyware and as a result, but keep in mind that not every website is harmful even though they are the third party website.

So let us assume you have visited the malware website and you can see your computer acting differently and working weird and want to check for malware. Go ahead and read the article below on how to find out if your computer is infected with malware.

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How to tell if your computer is infected with malware

How to tell if your computer is infected with malware or not
How to tell if your computer is infected with malware or not

So below I’m going to discuss the things that will help us to detect the malware on your computer or PC easily and how to remove malware.

Opening of Different Applications on Startup

So when you open your computer you can see different applications that you don’t remember installing on the startup of the computer and this is the sign of malware that you need to remove immediately and the faster you remove the better and safe your computer will be.

CMD tabs or Blue Screen

When you are using your computer it will suddenly freeze and a huge amount of CMD windows popup with a script running inside them or your windows screen freezes and a blue window popup with some code opens up and struck as you cannot even close the tab.

Network Load

Even though you are having a good internet connection, if you are still getting very poor browsing experience and even though you are not using or browsing anything your data is consuming then it definitely is a sign of malware on your computer.

This malware will eat up all of our internet data by uploading and downloading information to hackers console.

Storage Space

If you are seeing a sudden increase in the storage space then trust you should definitely take care of your computer and remove malware as this will cause your computer to overload and become super laggy and in some cases, your computer may get into booting issues also.

You will be also seeing the file duplications like the files you have in your computer becomes copied and duplicated again and again which in return eats up your storage as well as RAM.


You keep on seeing some weird advertisements? Then it is a 100% sign of malware in your computer and never click on those advertisements so that you will not lose even more of your personal information as this may lead to more infecting of your computer and left you with a computer full of trash. 

Browser Working Weird

The best example we can take here is Chrome, most people use Chrome as their primary browser and sometimes you can see that whenever you open chrome a new website automatically opens and the home screen is changed to some Chinese or any unknown searching engine.

Websites won’t load properly, downloads are not working, chrome keeps on restarting, these are all signs of malware on your computer.

File Extensions

Your file extensions will be changed automatically from Jpeg to Bat or CMD or some encrypted format in which your data will be encrypted by the Hackers with the help of malware that is being injected in your computer.

How to Remove Malware from your computer

How to Remove Malware from your computer
How to Remove Malware from your computer

Solution 1: The best thing to do so is to install the best antivirus and Anti-malware software on your computer, I would prefer Malwarebytes or Kaspersky as these were good and protects your computer in real-time, of course, there are a lot more alternatives for this antivirus software in which I am going to share in my future posts.

Pro Tip: In some cases, your antivirus keeps on disabling and you have to manually go to the software and enable it and then clean your computer with the antivirus software.

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Solution 2: You can look out the “C:>Program Files” Folder and look out for any suspicious folders and delete them, malware may be integrated within normal Applications and browsers too so if this is the case you need to go to Programs folder through the control panel and uninstall programs which looks suspicious and you never installed and then restart the computer.

  • Now if the computer is working fine then no problem and if still, the problem is not solved you have to uninstall all programs one by one and keep on testing until the malware-infected program is being uninstalled.
  • Please note that there is no guarantee that you can remove malware by this method as day by day technology is updating hackers are becoming smart.

I prefer you guys to go with Solution 1 as it is easy to go with and no need for much technical knowledge

How to Prevent your Computer from Malware

How to Prevent your Computer from Malware
How to Prevent your Computer from Malware?
  • Don’t download any programs from suspicious websites unless you have anti-virus or antimalware software installed and realtime protection is enabled.
  • Don’t install extensions or plugins or almost anything from third-party websites instead of original or official websites of that particular product. These days malware can be integrated and binded within anything like An image or audio file or video file, etc.


Computer Malware Conclusion
Computer Malware Conclusion

Stay safe and don’t try to fell in the trap of Bad Hackers and scammers, Stay updated with us for more, This is Kiran Kumar Chowdary From and today we have covered the topic of “how to tell if your computer is infected with malware”.

  • I will be back again with a new article, See you all again.
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