Where is My Train App Everything You need to Know

Where is My Train App Everything You need to Know
Where is My Train App Everything You need to Know

When it comes to booking a train ticket, standing in ques was the last generation call. You are just a smartphone away. Where Is My Train App is the product of a Bangalore startup that is the subsidiary of Sigmoid Labs. More people more travel, this concept has never taken a back seat, and with globalization, there was a boom in travel and tourism. From traveling the whole of India to just sitting in a train for a one-night backpacking journey. 

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About Where Is My Train App

where is my train app Features list
where is my train application Features list

Where is my train app was rolled in 2016, by five former executives – Ahmed Nizam Mohideen, Meenakshi Sundaram, Balasubramanian Rajendran, and Sasikumar Venkataramana – of an American technology company – TiVo Corporation. This app provides live train status of Indian Railways. 

Where is my Train App is from the creators we get to know the insights of the mission of this app, which clearly states the use of technology to improve the lives of Indian train travelers.

What makes Where Is My Train application better than others?

Where is my train displays live running status of the Indian Railway System along with the revised schedules. The best part about the application is that it gives the users the accessibility of offline mode that is without internet and tracking the GPS. 

This multilingual app is available in as many as eight languages, which suits almost each and every individual, thus making it user friendly. It not only helps to spot train, check seats, and coach arrangements but also keep up with live updates and PNR status.

What are the features of Where Is My Train App?

where is my train app latest download
where is my train application latest download

The user should itself decide whether it is the best train booking app by understanding the features.

Spotting Train Accurately

  • Get Indian Railways live train status anytime, anywhere. When traveling by train, this feature can work without the internet or GPS.
  • Traveling alone? It is not one of your worries anymore. Where is my train app has taken due care of your safety in this journey. 
  • You can share your current train location with your friends and family with the sharing feature to keep your loved ones informed.
  • Ever had the fear of missing your station? Where is my train app has got all covered for you? You can also set the alarm to wake you at the set time before your train station arrives so you never miss out on your destination.

Offline Train Schedules

The app contains The Indian Railways timetable, not confident about your train name or number?

You do not need to know the train number or names as the Smart Search feature allows you to use the train source and destination or the train names with even spelling errors.

Coach Layout and Platform numbers

Have a specific requirement where to sleep, where is the platform number? Where is my train app takes care of all your special requirements starting from details like – about the coach position and seat/building of Berth before boarding the train.

  • It also shows the platform numbers of the local and central boarding stations where they are available.

Super-efficient in Battery, Data Usage and App size

This application is not just good for easy travel but also for your phone. The app works best with battery and data performance as important features such as locating train locations and schedules that can work offline without the Internet or GPS. 

  • The App size is small despite having a lot of offline information so that’s it’s not a border on your phone anymore.

Seat Availability and PNR Status

  • Now you don’t need to open the website to check your status and worry about it, where is my train app provided with the PNR status along with seat availability to ease your traveling.
  • According to the current date the application has over 10 million downloads so what are you waiting for?

>>>Download Where Is My Train app<<<

How Does The App Work Offline

where is my train app works offline
where is my train apk works offline

You may be wondering how the app works offline, you can track your trains offline by using where is my train app, here are the few simple steps you should follow to do so.

  • Download the app- where is my train, further choose the language you are comfortable with.
  • The languages include English, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam.
  • You will be coming across – SPOT, PNR, and SEAT, You need to select SPOT, In this, you will find trains between two stations, and spot the train and can also check live station updates
  • To know your train status please add the train name or the train number to help the app locate it easily. You will be getting the live status of your train that includes when it is arriving along with the time of departure.
  • Before boarding, you can check the schedule and the expected timing of the train, by entering the station code.

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Conclusion about Where is My Train App

Where is my Train Indian Railway Train Status
Where is my Train Indian Railway Train Status

Since Google is looking to expand its footprints in India, it has started by taking over Sigmoid Labs which is the parent company of where is my train app. The financial details of the transaction are still not disclosed. But in August according to the Economic Times, Google was in talks to acquire the app for $30to $ 40 million as a part of a bigger movement – “Next Billion Users “initiative.

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